Our only goal is to help you get more money for your money SAFELY!

Having been in the financial services for over 20 years I gave up that world full of licenses to simply help my clients get amazing products found on the secondary market and not normally sold through the retail establishment.

Never again will I sell a Retail Annuity and I will educate the public on a far better way to get more money for less out of pocket and still have the income guaranteed.

We help people earn substantially more money on their money, if we can't we don't expect to do business with them.  Short term 12 months, or long term.  We can't be beat.

Our Team

Allan Densmore‚Äč President Retirement Services LLC

Living in Florida is as close as we can get to living the dream.  I have one goal and that is to help you get more money for your money to help you live the dream.  It brings me great joy to help people get more money for their money than what they have seen before.  And I know what they have seen, because once opon a time I showed the same thing.  I look forward to meeting you.