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We have found the way to go.  I have been investing for over 50 years and after meeting Allan, have now found the way to go.  Over the past 50 I have never really had a system or goal other than to grow our money and have enough for a comfortable retirement, but no concrete goals other than that.  To achieve that goal we were flying by the seat of our pants.  We had no system or structure other than what I thought was best.  

If I had a chance to do everything all over again, I would have found Allan when he first started and stayed with him since the beginning.  I have had many investments in the past, however they never seemed to do as well as I hoped or what I had been told.  We never really seemed to do better than treading water.  Then we found Allan.  Since then things have been much different for my wife and I.  Allan immediately impressed us by his outlook on money and his persuasive manner.  Without his persuasiveness, I may have still been doing what I had always done.  Allan was able to get us interested in a new way of thinking about money.  Keep it safe, and create safe income streams, and I can say over the years, this thinking has indeed served us well in this new way of life.

If you are going to meet with Allan, take this as a whole hearted endorsement of him and his way of working with people who are older such as my wonderful wife and I who are both in our early 90’s.

I cannot ask for a better person than Allan to look after our money and possibly yours.  Steve & Joan

Allan Densmore​ President Retirement Services LLC

Living in Florida is as close as we can get to living the dream.  I have one goal and that is to help you get more money for your money to help you live the dream.  It brings me great joy to help people get more money for their money than what they have seen before.  And I know what they have seen, because once opon a time I showed the same thing.  I look forward to meeting you.

The above testimonial was from wonderful clients whom I worked with for many years as a Registered Investment Advisor.  I am no longer an advisor nor do I provide any specific recomendations on securities.