Allan Densmore‚Äč President Retirement Services LLC

Living in Florida is as close as we can get to living the dream.  I have one goal and that is to help you get more money for your money to help you live the dream.  It brings me great joy to help people get more money for their money than what they have seen before.  And I know what they have seen, because once opon a time I showed the same thing.  I look forward to meeting you.


‚Äč       Short term Interest

       bearing investments.

First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes.  Imagine if you could earn 4% up to 6% on your short term money?  You normally invest for 12  months but can invest for up to 18 months.  Imagine a successful business is expanding and looking for a short term loan and they back that loan with a hard asset, their commercial real estate.  They are called FPCM because you are in first position and it is a Commercial Mortgage Note.  We work with third parties that do all the due diligence and underwriting of the notes.   Our third party will not only guarantee the note themselves, but should a default occur they will continue to pay you until the end of the contract period, then process the default on their own.  Peace of mind in owing commercial real estate without having to do all the work.  Interest checks starting in 30 days and your principle back in 12 months.  And earning a return far higher than any other short term proposition.  If you're not taking advantage of these incredible deals you are missing the boat.  

For a Free Report and to watch a video go to  Look under services for FPCM and read the report or watch the video.

Discounted Income Contracts.

Buying Discounted Income Contracts is the way to purchase current and future income streams that are safe and backed by either top rated insurance companies, or state agencies.  
They are not the high priced Retail Annuities everybody is hawking you.  They are discounted income streams that will provide a safe reliable income stream far higher than you will normally find in a retail annuity sold on the secondary market.  With these contracts you will know what you'll get, when you'll get it and how much it will pay in total regardless of death. Remember this is an INCOME CONTRACT.  With many annuities there are unknowns such as when will I get the money, how much will you receive, how long will it last, what happens when you die, what will the total payout be?.  With these DISCOUNTED INCOME CONTRACTS there are no unknowns when it comes to your income.  We know what we will get, when we will get it, how long it will last, and what the total payout is.  If you have an annuity most people do not actually know what the answers are to all of the above questions.  We know the answer to each one.  Imaging more money for less money and knowing everything you need to know about it.  No additional riders, no cash value account, no income value account, no nothing, a simple contract for income.

For the full report on Purchasing Income at a discount go to and go to the Free Report section and request the Discounted Income Stream...

Subscription Services.

Investing for monthly income.

Investing is time consuming and difficult.  Searching for dividend paying equities is additionally difficult because there is so much to know.  Alpha, beta, PE ratio, etc so much to know and you don't have the time to learn it.  It's usually easier to just hire someone to do it for you.  But at 1.5% - 2% of Money Under Management (MUM) it can be expensive.  What if you could pay a very small annual fee and all the research is done for you.

Want to know how to purchase equities at a discount? Want to learn how to purchase dividend paying equities paying at least 8% or greater?  Want to learn how to create protection strategies that give you unlimited upside potential but limited downside potential?  Well you can either read the Free Report and do all the research yourself, or you can read the report then do the smart move and decide to let Retirement Services LLC do it for you and subscribe to the subscription service.  If you looking to utilize equities as part of your portfolio, and enjoy monthly income but protect what you have then use the smart money strategies. 

For the full report on Dividend Investing go to and go to the Free Report Section and request the Purchasing Equities At A Discount Report.